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Modern In Denver Magazine

by David Scott


At a time in which Denver’s modernist leanings have yielded a host of remarkable buildings, the Art House Townhomes have emerged as possibly the strongest recent development in the city. Developed as part of a master plan by Continuum Partners, the Art House Townhomes have quickly set the standard for top-shelf contemporary architecture here. Designed by Studio Completiva (Yong Cho and Catherine Mercer, architects), Art House is a function of a Continuum development incorporating the new Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), a large private residence, and the townhomes themselves.

Elephant Journal

by David Scott


You are the conductor of a great orchestra. The orchestra is in your own consciousness, it’s internal, but it manifests itself in the world—in all the sounds and movement and appearances of the world. You may think that you are an isolated entity, tossed in a sea of chaos, trying to make your way through with your own wits. In fact, everything you’ve ever known is vibrations of your Self. It may feel like you’re at the mercy of the world, of people and events, but these events and people are only a function of your own consciousness.

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Colorado Construction & Design Magazine

by David Scott


With 300 people a day moving to Denver (do the math: that’s over 100,000 per year), it’s no surprise that the market is being flooded with all variety of development, from residential to mixed-use and everything in between, scrambling to keep up with soaring demand. But that only accounts for the vertical aspect of our built environment; what about the horizontal? That is, how are people going to get from A to B without further clogging our roadways with more single-driver vehicles?


by David Scott


Tucked into a simple storefront on East Colfax is SAME, the little cafe that's quietly revolutionizing the restaurant business. Prices aren't listed on any menu; customers simply pay what they can afford, for an array of gourmet organic dishes that has foodies across the country cheering. SAME (an acronym for So All May Eat) invites everyone: neighborhood hipsters, affluent couples, and the city's homeless to dine with dignity from a menu that's regional, seasonal and sustainable.

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